Where the most common places become uncommon.


While you are here, I want you to feel as if you were visiting me on a studio tour. 
A little bit of behind the scenes where the exploration and creativity take place, as you will see,
there are different media and techniques. It's a continuous journey of self-discovery and never arriving.
I will also take you out to the backyard where I have been deeply and madly in love with a magical play of trees, water, and sky. I have been indulging in this spot for over 11 years, and it never seizes to leave me breathless. Despite the petite area, it's abundant in revealing shapes and colors, allowing me to reflect on my journey as it journeys through time, days, and seasons. 
Please pull me out of my studio with questions or comments; I would love to hear from you.
Oh, one more thing, all my work is 100% dedicated to supporting underserved children in their education.

Collection of Paintings


Education Unbound prepares underserved students for The Future of Work by focusing on STEAM education through project-based learning

Weeda Hamdan, Texas


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