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Helping craft a beautiful life through art

As a child in a turbulent, war-torn country, Education Unbound’s co-founder Weeda Hamdan uncovered a mental escape from the cold terror of displacement: art. Living through multiple wars in Lebanon, Weeda and her family were displaced many times, but often experienced warm welcomes and benevolent kindness from strangers. Now, you can join Education Unbound in extending a helping hand to vulnerable populations.

We believe one critical mechanism to transform the future of vulnerable children is to equip them to thrive in careers that can change the trajectory of their lives – and that all starts with STEAM education.

Since 2017, Weeda has championed educational opportunities for underprivileged children that can change the trajectory of their lives, marrying her ability to create art with her drive to help others carve out a beautiful life.


Transforming spaces and communities

We’re thrilled to provide two different options to transform beautiful art into a better chance at a beautiful life for an underprivileged child through supporting STEAM in education:

Paint it Forward:
Transform your office by renting a beautiful or inspiring piece of art.
You can enhance your office space with unique art pieces, while also supporting critical STEAM educational programs. 

This collection of stirring sculptures, made from gauze and plaster, embodies refugees’ traumatic stories through visual expression and opens our eyes to prejudices and stereotypes, sparking empathy through reflection.
Ultimately, this collection presents the inhuman plight of refugees while telling the underscoring human narrative. The collection strives to provoke empathy toward refugee children and stir those who are more privileged to help alleviate a child from the cycle of poverty and exploitation.

Rent art for offices.
Art rental in lawyer's office.
You can support this program today by donating, or taking the exhibit to you to bring awareness to your community.